Zero-setup replacement for var_dump(), print_r(), and debug_backtrace().


Kint ships with a ton of plugins for built-in PHP functionality. Most of these are for data retrieval – gathering extra information about a variable or displaying it in a different way.

You can enable or disable plugins in the Kint::$plugins array.

Notable plugins

The blacklist plugin

Lets you hide information you don’t want dumped, and improve performance by skipping heavy objects.

Kint\Parser\BlacklistPlugin::$blacklist List of classes to blacklist.
Kint\Parser\BlacklistPlugin::$shallow_blacklist List of classes to blacklist unless you dump it specifically. This is great for heavy objects that impact performance like DI containers.
Kint\Parser\BlacklistPlugin::$array_limit Size of arrays to blacklist. Default 1000
Kint\Parser\BlacklistPlugin::$shallow_array_limit Size of arrays to blacklist unless you dump it specifically. Default 10000

The microtime plugin

Automatically shows memory and timing information when you dump microtime(). Call Kint\Parser\MicrotimePlugin::clean() to reset the counters.

The proxy plugin

Mostly used for tests, this is also useful if you don’t want to make your own plugin class. It takes the array of types and bitmask of triggers the plugin should apply to, as well as a callback that should be run. Here’s an example of using ProxyPlugin to replicate the ToString plugin:


use Kint\Object\BasicObject;
use Kint\Object\Representation\Representation;
use Kint\Parser\Parser;
use Kint\Parser\ProxyPlugin;

$plugin = new ProxyPlugin(
    function (&$var, BasicObject &$o, $trigger, Parser $parser) {
        $reflection = new ReflectionClass($var);
        if (!$reflection->hasMethod('__toString')) {

        $r = new Representation('toString');
        $r->contents = (string) $var;



Opt-in plugins

These plugins are off by default.


Displays non-utf8 strings like xxd

Kint\Renderer\Rich\BinaryPlugin::$line_length The amount of bytes per line of output. Default 0x10
Kint\Renderer\Rich\BinaryPlugin::$chunk_length The amount of bytes per chunk of output. Default 0x4


Add support for DOMDocument object parsing.

Kint\Parser\DOMDocumentPlugin::$blacklist DOMNode properties to skip parsing. This is here because the DOMDocument system can introduce a huge amount of recursion.
Kint\Parser\DOMDocumentPlugin::$verbose Show methods and properties. Default false.


Adds support for Mysqli object parsing. Due to the way mysqli is implemented in PHP, this will cause warnings on certain Mysqli objects if screaming is enabled.


Decodes serialized strings.

Because deserializing objects can pose a security risk, the following options are available.

Kint\Parser\SerializePlugin::$safe_mode Don’t allow deserialization of arrays or objects. Default true.
Kint\Parser\SerializePlugin::$options Options to pass to unserialize. Only for PHP7.


Shows the string representation of an object with a __toString() method. Some poorly-behaved libraries will cause fatal errors when this method is caused, so it has sadly been moved to optional.

Kint\Parser\ToStringPlugin::$blacklist Objects to ignore. Default includes SimpleXMLElement, SplFileObject

Default plugins

These are the remaining Kint parsers. They are on by default.


Ensures ArrayObject is parsed with the correct mode, and set back afterwards.


Decodes base64 encoded strings.

Kint\Parser\Base64Plugin::$min_length_hard Minimum length before the binary parser will start. Default 16.
Kint\Parser\Base64Plugin::$min_length_soft Minimum length before the binary representation will take precedence over the string representation. Default 50.


Shows methods available for an object.


Shows statics and constants for an object.


Shows properties and uses for a closure.


Detects a color string, then shows a color swatch and different ways to write the color.

Kint\Object\Representation\ColorRepresentation::$color_map A map of HTML color names to hex codes


Shows the formatted datetime inline, before unfolding.


Detects server file paths and shows information about them. See also Kint\Parser\SplFileInfoPlugin.

Kint\Parser\FsPathPlugin::$blacklist List of paths to ignore. Default includes / and .


Shows the contents of an iterator.

Kint\Parser\IteratorPlugin::$blacklist Classes to prevent iterating over. Default includes PDOStatement, mysqli_result, DOMNodeList, DOMNamedNodeMap, SplFileObject


Decodes JSON encoded strings.


Displays SimpleXMLElements with tabs for children and attributes.

Kint\Parser\SimpleXMLElementPlugin::$verbose Show methods and properties. Default false.


Shows information about the file.


Shows the SplObjectStorage contents.


Shows stream metadata for stream resources.


Shows table-like multidimensional arrays as a table.

Kint\Renderer\Rich\TablePlugin::$respect_str_length Whether the cells of the table should respect Kint\Renderer\RichRenderer::$strlen_max. Default true


Shows the exception or error message inline, before unfolding.


Detects integers that seem like timestamps (Between 9 and 10 digits) and formats the time.

Kint\Parser\TimestampPlugin::$blacklist Integers to ignore. Default includes common integers like PHP_INT_MAX


Detects a backtrace, and gathers information like stack frame source code snippets.

Kint\Parser\TracePlugin::$blacklist Function calls to skip. A string for a function, or an array of class name and method name. Default includes spl_autoload_call


Detects an XML string and loads it.

Kint\Parser\XmlPlugin::$parse_method One of SimpleXML or DOMDocument. DOMDocument is slower, and you’ll need to enable Kint\Parser\DOMDocumentPlugin for it to work. Default SimpleXML

Text mode plugins

Since text mode renderers can’t show most of the parsed information anyway, the text renderer disables some plugins before parsing begins. Kint\Renderer\TextRenderer::$parser_plugin_whitelist is default set to only allow the following plugins:

  • Kint\Parser\BlacklistPlugin
  • Kint\Parser\MicrotimePlugin
  • Kint\Parser\StreamPlugin
  • Kint\Parser\TracePlugin

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