Zero-setup replacement for var_dump(), print_r(), and debug_backtrace().

Kint settings reference

These are global Kint settings.

There is no specific configuration format, just set the values in PHP. You can best do this in your front controller whether it’s a bootstrap file, composer autoloader, or an application object (Such as in symfony and laravel)

Kint settings

These are technically on Kint\Kint but it’s aliased to the root namespace for convenience.

Kint::$enabled_mode Determines what mode Kint will run in. true is automatic. false is disabled. Any of the keys to Kint::$renderers to select a specific mode. You should disable Kint in production, or only enable it per $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']. Default true
Kint::$depth_limit The maximum depth to parse. 0 for unlimited. Tweak this to balance performance and verbosity. Default 7
Kint::$return Whether to return or echo the output. Default false
Kint::$aliases List of helper function aliases. Either string for a function name, or array of two strings for a static method.
Kint::$plugins List of enabled plugins. Either string class names or instances. Plugins added here will be cached and need to work with multiple parser instances.
Kint::$app_root_dirs An array of paths to aliases. These will be replaced in the mini trace, backtraces, etc. Default maps $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] to <ROOT>
Kint::$expanded Whether to expand values by default. Default false
Kint::$cli_detection Whether to detect if it’s being run in a CLI and adjust the renderer. Default true
Kint::$display_called_from Whether to display the called from (mini trace) information. Default true
Kint::$file_link_format A format to link source code paths to. Default ini_get('xdebug.file_link_format')
Kint::$mode_default The mode to select automatically when $enabled_mode is true. Default Kint::MODE_RICH
Kint::$mode_default_cli The mode to select automatically when $enabled_mode and $cli_detection are true. Default Kint::MODE_CLI
Kint::$renderers A map of render modes to renderer classes.

Rich renderer settings

These are on Kint\Renderer\RichRenderer.

RichRenderer::$js_nonce A nonce attribute for the script tag for CSP, or null to disable. Default null
RichRenderer::$css_nonce A nonce attribute for the style tag for CSP, or null to disable. Default null
RichRenderer::$theme Which theme to use. One of the CSS files from resources/compiled/ or the full path to a CSS file. Default original.css
RichRenderer::$timestamp Timestamp to print in footer in date() format. Default null
RichRenderer::$folder Enable a folder attached to the bottom of the viewport and place the dumps in that. Default false
RichRenderer::$strlen_max The maximum length of text to show in the bar. 0 to disable. Default 80
RichRenderer::$value_plugins List of rich renderer value plugins
RichRenderer::$tab_plugins List of rich renderer tab plugins
RichRenderer::$access_paths Enable or disable the showing of access paths. Default true
RichRenderer::$escape_types Enable or disable the escaping of types. Enabling will hurt performance, but allow you to use unicode text on non-utf8 web pages. Default false
RichRenderer::$sort Sort mode for object properties. Default Kint\Renderer\Renderer::SORT_NONE
RichRenderer::$needs_pre_render Whether to render CSS and JS on the next dump. Default true before first dump.
RichRenderer::$needs_folder_render Whether to render the folder on the next dump. Default true before first dump.
RichRenderer::$always_pre_render Whether to render CSS, JS, and the folder on every dump. Default false
RichRenderer::$pre_render_sources Array of arrays. Keys script style and raw are arrays of strings or callables returning strings. script and style will be placed in tags with nonces for CSP, while raw will be output as-is.

Text renderer settings

These are on Kint\Renderer\TextRenderer.

RichRenderer::$timestamp Timestamp to print in footer in date() format. Default null
TextRenderer::$decorations Whether to render decorations around the header and footer. Default true
TextRenderer::$default_indent The indentation level in spaces. Default 4
TextRenderer::$default_width The width of header and footer decorations. Default 80
TextRenderer::$parser_plugin_whitelist List of whitelisted parser plugins. Any parser plugins not in this whitelist will not be added to the parser for performance reasons, and because their output isn’t used in the text renderer.
TextRenderer::$plugins List of text renderer plugins.
TextRenderer::$sort Sort mode for object properties. Default Kint\Renderer\Renderer::SORT_NONE
TextRenderer::$strlen_max The maximum length of text. 0 to disable. Default 0

Plain renderer

Kint\Renderer\PlainRenderer inherits from the text renderer.

PlainRenderer::$disable_utf8 Whether to disable the utf-8 parts of the decorations and use htmlentities instead. Vastly increases output size. If your web page isn’t in utf-8, set this to true. Default false
PlainRenderer::$needs_pre_render Whether to render CSS and JS on the next dump. Default true before first dump.
PlainRenderer::$always_pre_render Whether to render CSS and JS on every dump. Default false
PlainRenderer::$pre_render_sources List of callables to execute or strings to render before initial render. See also Kint\Renderer\RichRenderer::$pre_render_sources
PlainRenderer::$theme Which theme to use. One of the CSS files from resources/compiled/ if using composer, or the full path to a CSS file. Default plain.css

CLI renderer

Kint\Renderer\CliRenderer inherits from the text renderer.

CliRenderer::$cli_colors Whether to print color codes. Default true
CliRenderer::$detect_width Whether to detect the terminal width on startup and adjust the header and footer widths accordingly. Default true
CliRenderer::$force_utf8 Whether to force default utf-8 output on older versions of windows. Default false
CliRenderer::$min_terminal_width What minimum width must we detect before ignoring the detected width altogether. Default 40
CliRenderer::$windows_stream Which stream to detect VT100 support with. Default STDOUT

Parser plugin settings

All parser plugins delivered with Kint are in the Kint\Parser namespace.


ArrayLimitPlugin::$trigger Maximum size of arrays before limiting output. Default 1000
ArrayLimitPlugin::$limit Maximum amount of items to show in a limited array. Default 50
ArrayLimitPlugin::$numeric_only Whether to only limit arrays without string keys. Default true


Base64Plugin::$min_length_hard Minimum length before the binary parser will start. Default 16
Base64Plugin::$min_length_soft Minimum length before the binary representation will take precedence over the string representation. Default 50


BlacklistPlugin::$blacklist List of classes to blacklist.
BlacklistPlugin::$shallow_blacklist List of classes to blacklist unless you dump it specifically. This is great for heavy values that impact performance like DI containers. Default includes Psr\Container\ContainerInterface


DOMDocumentPlugin::$blacklist DOMNode properties to skip parsing. This is here because the DOMDocument system can introduce a huge amount of recursion.
DOMDocumentPlugin::$verbose Show methods and properties. Default false


FsPathPlugin::$blacklist List of paths to ignore. Default includes / and .


IteratorPlugin::$blacklist Classes to prevent iterating over. Default includes PDOStatement, mysqli_result, DOMNodeList, DOMNamedNodeMap, SplFileObject


SerializePlugin::$safe_mode Don’t allow deserialization of arrays or objects. Default true
SerializePlugin::$allowed_classes Allowed classes to deserialize. An array of class strings or false for none. Default false


SimpleXMLElementPlugin::$verbose Show methods and properties. Default false


TimestampPlugin::$blacklist Integers to ignore. Default includes common integers like PHP_INT_MAX


ToStringPlugin::$blacklist Objects to ignore. Default includes SimpleXMLElement, SplFileObject


TracePlugin::$blacklist Function calls to skip. A string for a function, or an array of class name and method name. Default includes spl_autoload_call
TracePlugin::$path_blacklist Paths to skip. Any frame from a file starting with one of these will be skipped.


XmlPlugin::$parse_method One of SimpleXML or DOMDocument. DOMDocument is slower, and you’ll need to enable DOMDocumentPlugin for it to work. Default SimpleXML

Renderer plugin settings

All rich renderer plugins delivered with Kint are in the Kint\Renderer\Rich namespace.


BinaryPlugin::$chunk_length The amount of bytes per chunk of output. Default 0x4
BinaryPlugin::$line_length The amount of bytes per line of output. Default 0x10


TablePlugin::$respect_str_length Whether the cells of the table should respect RichRenderer::$strlen_max. Default true

Other settings

Kint\Zval\Representation\ColorRepresentation::$color_map A map of HTML color names to hex codes.

Encoding settings

These are on Kint\Zval\BlobValue.

BlobValue::$char_encodings A list of multibyte character encodings to try to identify to be passed to mb_detect_encoding. Default includes ASCII and UTF-8
BlobValue::$legacy_encodings A list of windows single-byte and other ambiguous encodings. If no multibyte encoding was detected Kint will assume the first matching legacy_encoding is correct. Since it works by triggering and suppressing conversion warnings, your error handler may complain.

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